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Revolutionary and unique methods

3Dmec primarily offers its services in 3D scanning, 3D modelling, industrial design, piping and engineering. Through innovative technologies, its experienced team will accompany you and advise you accurately and efficiently while saving you time and money. Its flexible and mobile services can be tailored to fit your needs and requests, wherever you are.

3D scanning

3Dmec offers high density survey services in 3D (3D scanning). The innovative technology of laser scanning revolutionizes the way surveys are done. It is now possible to survey in 3D objects, sites and previously inaccessible structures. Very fast and with unparalleled accuracy, it reduces the risk of errors. In the long run, it means time and money saved for your projects.

The fields of application of 3D scanning are almost unlimited: civil and industrial engineering, building, infrastructure, piping, deformation analysis, volume calculation, confined spaces, construction litigation and more.

3D modelling and industrial design

3D scanning produces a scatterplot forming a realistic 3D model that can be incorporated into a computer-aided design and drawing software (CAD). 3Dmec uses this scatterplot to model the 3D object or the structure of which the survey was conducted. The result of the 3D model can then be used to make 2D or 3D drawings.

Our industrial design service greatly benefits from this method, which increases the accuracy of the measured data and reduces errors. Our team can thus draw your projects in mechanical, structural, civil, electrical and other engineering in a unique and professional manner.


3Dmec has a broad expertise in piping. Feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, detailed engineering and production drawings (isometrics) are common achievements for 3Dmec, which revolutionized its working methods with the arrival of 3D scanning. With this innovative technology, it is possible to eliminate 99% of the errors associated with conventional measurement (interference, alignment, actual positioning of equipment and structure). Creating a seamless pipe path is now possible. Additionally, design reviews can now be conducted in real time as the project progresses. Thanks to 3D scanning, time saved on surveys and on construction sites is substantial.


3Dmec brings a revolutionary and unmatched technical support to the various engineering sectors. 3D scanning is now becoming an essential tool in data collection for project implementation. Whether for a feasibility study, deformation analysis, facade inspection, structural deformation monitoring over time (4D), volume calculation or detailed engineering, 3Dmec will support you with the many benefits of 3D scanning.

3D Metrology