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About us

Founded in 2010 by Mr. Eric Bouvier, the company 3Dmec, expert in surveys with a 3D scanner, relies on innovation. Specializing in an area that knows a major growth with a sustainable future, it has developed, following a research and development project, a unique method of measuring process; 3D scanning offers an increased accuracy and saves time and money. Having completed over 2000 projects and 400000 scans since its beginnings, 3Dmec has a strong and unmatched expertise in 3D scanning and modelling from scatterplots. Its knowledge allows for projects that were otherwise impossible up until recently. 3Dmec can meet any special needs in industrial design and 3D modelling, in piping and engineering.


Provide innovative services to our clients and bring solutions that fit their needs and requests where the projects are to be implemented.


Develop fresh perspectives for our clients thanks to 3D scanning: timeliness, improved accuracy, reduced costs.


  • Invest ourselves completely in the mandates entrusted to us
  • Constantly innovate
  • Offer a competitive advantage for our clients