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3Dmec offers its broad expertise in 3D scanning and 3D modelling to both commercial and industrial clients. With its unique and innovative measuring process, the company meets any needs in industrial design, in piping design and in engineering. Mobility and flexibility are 3Dmec’s keynotes: its team of experienced professionals will go where there are projects to carry out and their solutions are customized to fit the needs and requests.

Whatever challenge you offer, 3Dmec will be up to it… in 3D!


3D scanning

3D scanning can survey in 3D objects, sites and previously inaccessible structures. Very fast and with unparalleled accuracy, it reduces the risk of errors. In the long run, it means time and money saved for your projects.

3D modelling and industrial design

The 3Dmec industrial design services draws on the advantages of 3D modelling. In projects, it means better accuracy and reduced risks of error.


Seamless pipe fitting? Yes, it is possible. At 3Dmec, the arrival of 3D scanning has revolutionized how things are done relating to piping. Clients will gain in precision and efficiency.


3D scanning is becoming an essential tool in engineering. 3Dmec will help you to fully exploit the potential.

3D Metrology

3D metrology allowes us to do high precision 3D scans for parts in sizes going from 0 to 3m. Reverse engineering, parts inspection and over time wear of parts validation are a few of the fields of application related to this service.